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You lost your friend in town. Where would you go to meet him/her again?

You know he is within a certain area but you can't communicate with him: where is it more likely to meet him again? Make your guess, but  remember: he will make his guess too! The nearer your guesses will be, the more points you both will score and if you are near enough you will win! After the choice, write something about your guess (e.g. station, square, musem, hospital, tube, etc). If you and your partner matched, you could get a a 50 points bonus if you wrote the same thing. If you are still far, what you wrote could be used as hint (alternately with the direction or the distance respect to your choice).

A map of Focal Points

This game was first suggested by the Nobel Prize economist Thomas Schelling, interested, from a game theory point of view, in the dynamics of the agreements reached without communication. Beside the game theory, played on real towns, this game will provide an important set of information about urban dynamics, an hot topic in phsysics of complex systems.


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Can I have this game's developer link ?
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Hi, write to the staff to get the code! Bye!