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Exploit additional traffic information to defeat Joe in finding a route between two points in your city.

Once you select a city to play in, you are given two points, A and B, and you have to draw a preferred route from A to B. This is done in steps, by choosing at each step the next point to move to. Steps can only be taken within the green squared area (active area). Intermediate steps can be undone (last step chosen).

The game consists of two stages, each of them asking for a route between the same two points. The first stage does not display any additional traffic information. During the second stage, traffic information is displayed on streets: high traffic (red), medium (yellow) or low (green). Joe is not aware of this additional information.

When getting closer to point B, this becomes part of the active area, and in order to finish the trip you need to click on the B marker. If happy with the route you drew, press Submit to move to the next stage or to see the score. Joe's route (obtained algorithmically) will be displayed (in black), along with the two routes you have chosen in stage 1 (light blue) and 2 (dark blue). The scores for the two phases tell you whether your routes are better than that suggested by Joe (scores over 1), while the final score is the average of the two stages. Scores are computed using the traffic information at both stages.


Ciao! It would be nicer if one could go back by at least two steps (if not three). Cheers,Z.

I reached 215 in Rome, but for that you need to drink a bit of negroni before you start to drive (as the way goes through squares, stairs and playgrounds). Ciao, Z.

obviously google doesn't understand the traffic around villa borghese in rome.

the same goes for the area around via aurelia antica (around villa piccolomini)