Join the experiment!

Can you guess which word a possibly unknown person will associate to a given word?

A random word will be shown to you and your partner, who will be randomly assigned to you by the system. You have to guess at least one word that your partner associated with the presented word.
You'll have to continuously enter words, for a maximum time of 60 seconds, until one of them happens to have been chosen by your partner too. The faster you'll get a matching word, the more points you'll be rewarded. This game is played in three rounds of 60 seconds each.


A Word Association Experiment

Word associations have been studied in many disciplines as a useful source of insight about human language and its underlying cognitive abilities. Word association experiments have been realized by sociologists, psychologists and linguists. Recently, even physicists focused their attention on human language conceived as a complex system. These kind of studies need experimental data, but the related experiments are quite lenghty and expensive to realize in a laboratory. With Nexicon we aim at gathering data on word associations thanks to the contribution of web-gamers.
An immediate scientific result of this experiment is the contruction of the network of association underlying the english idiom, so to unravel its hidden properties.